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Prairie Island Adventure Club, Summer 2023

Prairie Island Adventure Club (PIAC) is a weekly outdoor summer day camp for youth aged 5-14 years old that runs from June - August, 2024 at the City of Winona’s Prairie Island Campground and Park.  Participants are picked up in town, fed, and transported by a 12-person van to camp.  The goals are to provide experiences in social emotional learning guided by a Licensed Professional Counselor, embedded in an active environmental and adventure education program.  PIAC aims to connect youth to the outdoors and nature to increase protective factors for individual healing, to build community connections, therefore, building resilience in participants and their families.

Summer 2023 program was made possible by a grant from the MN Department of Natural Resources No Child Left Inside initiative, and partnership with The Joy Labs and Front Porch Management.  

Click here to see photos of the fun!


Winona Disc Golf Tee Pad Replacement
Disc Golfing's popularity is growing rapidly and the need for larger and safer tee pads on Winona's Disc Golf courses was greatly needed. We raised funds to make the Winona Disc Golf courses top of the line, providing a safer and better experience for all users.

Levee Park Climbing Boulders

The Recreation Alliance of Winona secured a grant from BK5K to add two state of the art rock climbing boulders to Levee Park built by Eldorado Climbing Walls! In partnership with the City of Winona this new feature offers climbing/bouldering which is free for all to use and have challenging climbing for all abilities. Slackline and hammock posts are planned to be added as well to increase activities in the area creating a unique outdoor recreation area in one of Winona's most beautiful parks!

Sugarloaf Interpretive and Overlook Kiosks and Erosion Mitigation

The Rec Alliance has been awarded a Climbing Conservation grant for interpretive and historical overlook kiosks at the base of the Sugarloaf overlooking the Mississippi River Valley.

Garvin Heights Trailhead Development and Trail Repair

Garvin Heights trail is one of the most heavily used hiking trails in Winona and is in need of a Trailhead kiosk, bike parking/rack and trail repairs. The Rec Alliance is working with Winona State and on local grants to make this iconic trail more sustainable, accessible, and safer.

garvin post 2.jpg

Winona Ice Park Development
The Rec Alliance develops and maintains the Winona Ice Park each year including infrastructure management(ice farming), way-finding and informational signage, and climber outreach and user group tracking and communication. The Winona Ice park is one of only 4 ice parks in the nation and is becoming nationally recognized as an ice climbing destination. This amazing resource bring climbers to Winona all winter long from all around the country. 

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